Setting The Record Straight

My attention was drawn to an article with the mischievous caption “Poverty, frustration almost turned me into a prostitute” on the Bulletin and Daily Post by a Jules, Danielle Okpeche and Iaiyeorie and a few other last minute bloggers and online newspaper writers. They copied and pasted the same rubbish without carrying out due diligence required of a professional journalist or of one with great reporting skills.

Let me set the record straight. I am not embarrassed by my life. I am exceptionally proud of what I have achieved and how I have turned out. I will never dwell on my mistakes because I learn from my mistakes and move on. Everything I have been through has added up in shaping the strong personality that I have become.

Every day I hear people say Hilda you are so lucky! I laugh because if most of them knew my luck, they probably won’t want to be as “lucky” as I am. What they call luck is the outcome of my decision not to wallow in pain, hate, anger and blame. I made a decision to have a purpose driven life that makes me happy. I chose to fight poverty, shame, depression, frustration and hate and I won.

My testimony gives people the courage to stay on, get focused and determined to become someone important in life and to find their purpose here on earth. This process has led to young people returning home and families becoming better bonded. Needless to say, that my joy is in seeing them become strong enough to face life’s many challenges.

My survival against all odds story has become a beacon of hope where a lot of young people draw energy from. For this reason, I get invited to speak at social gatherings, professional meetings, faith based organizations, institutions and even focus group gatherings. Every week I speak to at least one thousand women and young people of various age groups, churches, schools, community organizations etc. A great reason why I am described as a civil rights activist, motivational speaker, mentor and teacher. I make a living talking and I give people a reason to live because of my speaking engagements.

Last Sunday, I got invited to speak at Fresh Oil International, with a congregation of over 70% young people.My message was from Genesis 27 vs 38-40 Isaac speaking to his first son Esau who now aware that his father had blessed his younger brother Jacob in his stead pleaded for just one blessing, he persuaded until his father said you shall serve your brother, you shall live by the sword, but it shall come to pass that ON THE DAY THAT YOU GET RESTLESS, SHALL HIS YOKE BE REMOVED FROM OFF YOUR NECK. So, until you get restless, uncomfortable with being a servant, being under the yoke of lack you shall be deprived, so you must get restless.

This brought me to my account of my luck. My life hasn’t been all rosy. Like Esau I got to that point to where life dealt me some blows too, I lost my father at nine, had a child as a teenager, my mother was disappointed about it because she had raised me well. Life was so tough and my options were limited. I could have chosen to become a prostitute and claim it was the only thing to do but I did not. I could have simply married some super rich man and say that was all God created me for, but I did not, I could have decided that this was my fate and so do nothing and then fail fully. I decided otherwise. I chose instead to fight. To fight poverty, fight frustration, fight lack, fight depression. What you see today, admire and call luck is the result of my decision.

You can choose for yourself who and what you want. But until you get restless and uncomfortable with the yoke over your purpose you will stay down. I hear the excuses; I lost my father, my uncles refused to help etc. Guess what? I lost my father at nine too, you had a child without getting married? I had mine as a teenager. Your mother is poor? My mum was completely broken after my dad past on. So quite the excuses and fight back, challenge the status quo, break out, break forth and face life with boldness and sound mind.

Ordinarily I will not waste my time responding to rubbish as those who know can attest that I am very open and would let anyone in on my life if it is any use to help you deal with a challenge.
This caption is so distractive and steals from the importance of the event, the message and the achievements. If the intention of this cheap caption is to tarnish my image or to trivialize my achievements be informed that I am unstoppable. I can’t be distracted.