Love is you

I heard a friend say, “I love him, but I am not in love with him”. I kept wondering what the difference was. Is love not love? I asked but her explanation only made me dizzy as I couldn’t find the difference. My curious mind kept turning her explanation in my head and before I knew it I was almost an investigating officer. I asked everyone I met if they knew the difference and as they explained I confirmed to myself that they were all playing around words. The last person now added a fresh one being loveable. Hmmmmmm.

In truth most of us are not loveable, at least not all the time. We act so mean sometimes that one wonders if we are even human. Other times we say hateful words, react harshly to the one we claim to love that the devil himself envies our guts. It gets worse when the other person pays back in the exact coin of those we say we love or we are in love with. Yet no one goes away. Love keeps both of you loving.
Question therefore is, what exactly do we love or what are we in love with? The who is the person we see now? That too will keep changing as we keep growing. Facing the stress of life and pressure of family will soon set in. None of us will stay the same for too long. So we need to know exactly what it is about the one we say we love or are in love with, that we are in love with.

If it is all physical, it means this love, in or about, will be over in the next five years because things will change. Nature has a way of changing them even when we think we are keeping close watch. So we need to know why we love what we love.

It is therefore worrisome when we hear someone say, “Oh! My God. Look at those arms.” “Wow! She is so trim.” Jeez! She is so posh”. All those things will soon change depending on where life decides to send them. Soon life and nature will change all that.

Many soon lose all the feelings, the same way the other person lost that look, that shape and they think it’s because they have stopped loving or that they have fallen out of love with the other person. They were never in love. It was lust not love. The body was what they wanted, not the person. Define what it is you are attracted to. When something is a way of life with a person, it will never change or go away. A relationship is stronger than the persons involved in it.

Love is you. The personality not just the person. You may be attracted to a person but the personality is what sustains the relationship. You abide in it. For God is love and they that abide in love, abide in God and God in them.

It’s great to have a beautiful body but it’s better to have someone special to share it with. So don’t just have an attractive body, build an enviable relationship. Be an embodiment of love. Be loveable and stay in love.